What is Nordic Walking?

• Nordic Walking is essentially normal walking, but using sticks to help us improve our efficiency and speed.
• Using the walking sticks allows us to incorporate our upper bodies and arms into the normal walking movement.
• The Nordic Walking technique differs from that of normal walking or walking with trail sticks. Instead the sticks are placed in a specific manner so that we can use them to propel us forward.
• We can walk at a faster speed, gain a higher calorific output but without the perceived exertion.

What are the benefits?

• Nordic Walking is pretty unique, because it can be used across all fitness levels, abilities and ages.
• It can also be used for those with medical problems, injuries or after surgery i.e. breast cancer surgery, knee surgery and helping improve lymphodema.
• And apart from the sticks, which will be supplied for you, you don’t need any specific training kit.

Nordic Walking retreats

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